Ash Hoare

I thought the Rice Field Walk was fantastic! Dewi was knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. This is a tour I wouldn’t normally have done. Gave me so much insight into Balinese culture, especially loved getting to eat and drink fresh coconut!  

– Ash Hoare

Nicole Forrest

The Botanical Products Workshop was wonderful, relaxed and informative. Dewi and her staff were so friendly and accommodating. They were fun and had a sense of humour. I really loved that the class had a low environmental impact. This is very important to me as a tourist.

– Nicole Forrest

Anne Cadart

The Water Temple Experience is not to be missed! Learning to make the traditional temple offering basket from scratch was a great way to learn and discuss the different cultural and religious beliefs of the Balinese. Dewi and her team lead you through the whole experience from start to finish with care and insight. The whole day was an absolute blessing.

– Anne Cadart

Brad Gaylard

I had a blast at the Botanicals Class! It was so great to make my own natural shampoo, skin cream and scrub from scratch, and then get to take them home to use. People back home pay a small fortune for organic beauty products like these, and Dewi and her team taught us how to do it ourselves!

– Brad Gaylard