Come and visit us in "Ubud Botany Interactive"

My name is Dewi. I am a Balinese native. I have a Bachelor degree in Botany and Agriculture from Udayana University in Denpasar, as well as a Master of Science in Biology specialising in plant biodiversity. I grew up in a farmer’s family in a village close to Ubud, where I learned about Balinese agriculture, our native plants and how they are used in Balinese culture.

I started Ubud Botany Interactive so I could share knowledge of our plants and how they are used in Balinese culture.

Walking tour

In this walk you will learn about native plants and how the leaves, fruits and flowers of various plants are used for traditional medicine, food and beauty products. As you walk through the rice fields, you will also enjoy stories about the rice growing process from planting, maintenance, through to harvesting. You will learn about the importance of preserving the irrigation system and the protocols for its use in the community.

The tours are very informal. I am happy to tailor the guided walk to what interests you most, and hope to answer all your questions about Balinese botany, agriculture and our traditions.

Botanical classes

I offer the following classes:

1. Health and Beauty Class

The class will explain the process of making a natural product with back to nature concept. You will have a hands-on experience in creating their own botanical products with natural equipment. The process will be guided by an English-speaking teacher. You will create four beauty products: shampoo and hair conditioner, sun protection cream, face mask and traditional healing scrub.  Participants can bring home their creation and recipe.

2. Balinese Ceremony Class

In this class you will create a traditional offering basket and learn the meaning and tradition behind this daily ceremony.

3. Balinese Cake Cooking Class

The class will explain the process of making Balinese cake with natural colouring. You will have a hands-on experience in creating your own Balinese cake and choice their colour and you make your colouring with natural ingredient and equipment.  

4. Coconut Oil Cooking Class

You will learn how to make coconut oil, i will explain the process of making coconut oil from coconut fruits until you get coconut oil. We will cook it with natural equipment in the middle of rice field.

5. Balinese Food Cooking Class

We will invite people to learn and enjoy how to cook Balinese food  with ingredients and equipment. we will do in the village in Balinese house with our traditions.

6. Trip to Holy Spring Water Temple

Come and joined our holy trip to temple, you will wear Balinese custom.

My goal for Ubud Botany Interactive is to support local farmers grow their crops organically, and to share their farming knowledge of the preservation and importance of Balinese agriculture with you.

Now i open my small shop or office"Ubi" Ubud Botany Interactive on Kajeng street number 32, i have our products hands made from farmer family.

Greeting Harmony from Ubi and farmers.